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Management confirms: Self Service Terminals not to be used to threaten or reduce counter positions and overall staff

Disturbing reports have been received from Retail members detailing the alleged threatening of post office staff by senior managers with the reduction in counter positions and overall staffing where maximum usage of self-service terminals (SST) is not evident for type of low-value customer transactions being processed. The allegations, which at this stage seem isolated in [...]

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Privatisation not stamp prices the biggest threat to postal services

It is the threat of privatising postal services rather than a small increase in stamp prices that should have Australians worried, the postal workers’ union said today. Australia would still have one of the best value mail services in the world, even if Australia Post increases the price of stamps from 60c to 70c, said [...]

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Community sentiment clear: don’t mess with Australia Post

New polling shows strong opposition to measures to downgrade Australia Post mail delivery or sell off the iconic postal service. CEPU Postal Union NSW Secretary Jim Metcher said Australia Post should take note of Essential Research figures out yesterday, showing a large majority of Australians opposed shifting from daily to three times a week mail [...]

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Hands Off Aussie Post: Time to have your say

ACTU President Ged Kearney kicked off her national tour today involving Sydney West Letters Facility (SWLF) where she highlighted concerns Unions have about the direction the Abbott Government has taken with the appointment of the exclusively business-run Commission of Audit. Today’s event attracted a great amount of CEPU members from all over Sydney and members [...]

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Hands Off Aussie Post – Important Campaign Event

The Hands Off Aussie Post (HOAP) community campaign is underway by your Union – the CEPU. It has become public knowledge over recent weeks of the intentions by the Business Council of Australia (BCA) and supported by some financial commentators and sections of the media for Australia Post to be privatised as part of the [...]

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Charging for daily delivery would kill postal services

Australia Post should be ashamed for raising the prospect of charging residents for their daily mail service, the postal workers’ union said today. CEPU Postal and Telecommunications NSW Branch Secretary Jim Metcher said a daily mail service was critical for businesses and residents and important for maintaining Australia Post’s trusted brand in the community. “Australia [...]

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Privatisation of Australia Post: Wrong Approach by Government or Politicians

Selling Australia Post off to the highest bidder would cost thousands of jobs, reduce services and hit regional Australia hard said the postal workers’ union today in response to calls for the privatisation of Australia Post. CEPU Postal and Telecommunications NSW Branch Secretary Jim Metcher questioned why the issue was again being discussed when the [...]

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Australia Post and Fair Work Commission say thousands of postal workers will remain without their pay – until January

Thousands of Australia Post Christmas casual workers will go without pay this Christmas despite working hard in making sure the community receives their Christmas goodies via the mail system, the CEPU Postal Workers Union said today. Australia Post today told the Fair Work Commission of its inability to pay thousands of Christmas casual workers their [...]

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Australia Post plays Grinch on Christmas casuals’ pay

Casual workers making sure Australians receive their cards and parcels in time for Christmas won’t see a cent for their work until the new year, the CEPU postal workers’ union said today. Australia Post is holding back the pay of thousands of Christmas casual mail sorters who started work as of December but have not [...]

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Profit shows Australia Post can afford to do the right thing by workers, business and communities

A healthy profit revealed today shows Australia Post can afford to continue providing secure jobs for workers and quality, reliable mail services to Australian communities, the postal workers’ Union said. CEPU Postal and Telecommunications NSW Branch Secretary Jim Metcher welcomed the announcement of a $312 million (after tax) profit in Australia Post’s annual report, saying [...]

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