Post must keep delivery members safe!

The CEPU is still receiving complaints from Delivery members across NSW regarding their inferior wet weather gear issued by Australia Post.

Delivery members are expected to perform mail delivery duties with inferior wet wether gear during wet weather and by doing so, putting at risk their personal health and safety and the health and safety of the community.

CEPU members at Murwillumbah Delivery Centre on NSW’s far North Coast discovered after receiving their third issue of inferior wet weather gear, and putting it to an initial test during torrential rains suffered recently in that area, only found that after 15 minutes in the rain they were completely soaked right through.

Following this, members at Murwillumbah Delivery Centre decided to adopt the CEPU’s recommendation that was issued in circular number 08/029 “Delivery Duties During Wet Weather Health and Safety Alert”.

Members at Murwillumbah Delivery Centre informed management that they would no longer be risking their health and safety by delivering mail in the rain, but instead would be available for alternative indoor duties and remain at work for their rostered hours and would only perform mail delivery functions when the rain had stopped.

This followed similar action taken by CEPU members at Charmhaven DC on NSW’s Central Coast after not only receiving replacement wet weather gear that was again inferior, but a special Mountain Designs “Extreme” wet weather package with additional lining in the garments which  still remained inferior and caused members to be soaked right through.

Australia Post has a duty of care to provide proper and adequate wet weather gear to Delivery employees to ensure their health and safety is protected when performing mail delivery duties during wet weather periods.

CEPU members at Charmhaven and Murwillumbah have since been informed by management that they will be provided with proper replacement gear sourced from local suppliers. Members at these centres maintain that they will not risk their health and safety and perform mail delivery duties during wet weather periods until proper wet wether gear is delivered, tested and confirmed to be proper and adequate.

The State Secretary will be raising this matter again with Post at the highest State level in an attempt to encourage Post to reconsider their present supplier for supplying wet weather gear to delivery staff in NSW.

In the meantime, the CEPU strongly reaffirms the recommendation contained in circular 08/029 and urges all Delivery members to implement the Branch Committee of Management Recommendation immediately if their health and safety is compromised if expected to perform unsafe mail delivery duty with inferior wet weather gear provided from Australia Post:


 Members who require further information or assistance with this issue should contact Branch Assistant Secretary, Steve Dodd, Branch President Susan Sheather, or Branch Officials, Peter Chaloner, Gil Enzon, Nicky Lee, TK Ly, Nathan Metcher, Shane Murphy or Aaron Stockdale on (02) 9893 7822.

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