Important: Australia Post members, check your pay

This is an important message alert to all CEPU members to check their pay entitlements against Australia Post’s inferior pay system.

Over recent pay periods the Union has received significant complaints and grievances from members relating to inaccurate pay slip information and more importantly where members have received no pay caused by underpayments or overpayments by the new  inferior pay system introduced by Australia Post.

It is a legal requirement for Australia Post to pay their employees their pay entitlements and on time when due.

If any member is experiencing a pay problem then they are encouraged to bring this to the attention of the Union straight away.

Members are requested to make copies of their pay slip and try and be specific with the details of the pay entitlement not received when bringing their complaint or grievance to the Union.

This will assist the Union in attempting to have pay entitlements restored as soon as practicable with Australia Post and have the specific matter brought before the court for resolution if necessary.

I thank you for your time in reading this important message alert and would appreciate if you could share this important message with all Union members in your workplace accordingly.

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