2011 Christmas Arrangements: Australia Post Delivery

Following state level discussions and subsequent meetings involving your local CEPU representatives, the 2011 Christmas Arrangements have now been completed.

This bulletin is produced for the information of all CEPU delivery members.

Christmas Public Holidays

Members who perform duty on any of the following days are to be paid public holiday rates of pay (2.5 times in total).

Monday 26 December 2011   Tuesday 27 December 2011
Christmas Day Substitute Holiday   Boxing Day Substitute Holiday
Monday 2 January 2012   Friday 30 December 2011
New Years Day Substitute Holiday   Australia Post Authorised holiday

MDCS Assessment / Target Times

Australia Post has informed the CEPU that MDCS assessments and PRP principles will continue to apply through the Christmas and New Year period. Members should be aware that issues arising out of disputed MDCS assessments and target times can be addressed through the Dispute Resolution Process.

Shift Penalty Entitlements

Normal Award conditions will apply for those volunteers commencing duty prior to the 6.30 am rostered shift. This voluntary change will attract a 15% shift penalty rate.  Further, early commencement will only occur with a  minimum of two employees. Meal breaks to be advanced in line with Award conditions.

Householders (UMS)

Delivering Unaddressed Mail Service (UMS): The 1992 Agreement for the  purpose of delivering UMS during the Christmas period has been a success where local disputes no longer take place in this regard. Therefore, it has been agreed with Australia Post that these following UMS arrangements will continue to apply.

Unaddressed Mail will be delivered to all customers as normal but with a 50% surcharge throughout December. The normal booking time frame will remain.

Where storage of Unaddressed Mail during the Christmas period is a concern, Delivery Managers will make alternative arrangements for the storage of Unaddressed Mail mail prior to delivery.

The management of mail deliveries (including Unaddressed Mail) is the responsibility of the appropriate Delivery Supervisor and Delivery Manager. This will require consultation with the Delivery Group as a whole or any individual PDO where appropriate.

At facilities where PDOs cannot deliver all Unaddressed Mail mail on hand (or expected), the Delivery Manager is responsible for making alternative arrangements for the delivery of Unaddressed Mail mail.

Weekend Overtime Arrangements

State management has determined that selected Delivery Facilities may open Saturday morning 17 December 2011 to receive one mail drop for limited sorting and sequencing to assist Monday operations. Start times will depend on transport arrangements. Shifts will be a minimum 4 hours only and management will seek volunteers to staff this shift.

Delivery facilities with BCS operations (Alexandria DF and St Leonards DF) will work normal Friday night BCS operations.

Delivery Facilities with normal weekend operations (Waterloo DF) will continue as normal.

Working Overtime During Christmas / New Year Period

Members are reminded of the Reasonable Overtime Clause in the FWA 2010.

An employee may refuse to work overtime in circumstances where the working of such overtime would result in the employee working hours which are unreasonable having regard to;

  • Any risk to the employee’s health and safety
  • The employee’s personal circumstances including any family responsibilities
  • The needs of the workplace
  • The notice given (if any) by Australia Post of the overtime and by the employee of his/her intention to refuse it
  • Any other relevant matter

This FWA provision protects members who do not wish to work unreasonable levels of overtime.

The State Branch urges all Delivery members to exercise duty of care regarding health and safety in the workplace especially during the Christmas period when the workloads can be excessive.

Accordingly, the State Branch alerts all Delivery members to the Union policy on reasonable overtime. This is no more than 2 hours overtime on any shift and/or 6 hours overtime per week (Monday to Friday). Delivery members are advised to use these guidelines if confronted to work unreasonable levels of overtime by management.

Christmas Casuals

The CEPU has been advised there are no Christmas casual plans for delivery.

Authorised Holiday

The Authorised Holiday on 30 December 2011. Nil operations are anticipated on the authorised holiday.

Staff Consultation

Delivery Managers must consult with staff in relation to Christmas Arrangements at each Delivery Facility.

Delivery Managers and the Authorised Union Representative (AUR) at each Delivery Facility and should sign off confirmation on their agreed Christmas Arrangements.

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