2011 Christmas Arrangements: Australia Post Retail

Please be aware of the following Christmas arrangements which apply to Retail and Business Centre workplaces from 1 December 2011.

Christmas Public Holidays

Members who perform duty on any of the following days are to be paid public holiday rates of pay (2.5 times in total).

Monday 26 December 2011   Tuesday 27 December 2011
Christmas Day Substitute Holiday   Boxing Day Substitute Holiday
Monday 2 January 2012   Friday 30 December 2011
New Years Day Substitute Holiday   Australia Post Authorised holiday

Authorised Holiday

The following Corporate Retail Outlets will be open on the Authorised Holiday, Friday 30 December 2011. Staff working in these outlets on this day are working on a voluntary basis only and will be entitled to the overtime public holiday rate of pay (2.5 times in total).

Sydney East Retail Network Sydney North Retail Network
Bondi Junction, Broadway, Maroubra, Randwick, Sydney GPO, World Square Chatswood, Hornsby Westfield, Neutral Bay, St Ives, Tuggerah, Warringah Mall
Sydney South Retail Network Sydney West Retail Network
Centro Bankstown, Liverpool Westfield, Hurstville Westfield Nil
Country North Retail Network Country South / ACT Retail Network
Nil Nil
Hunter / Mid West Retail Network
Kotara, Raymond Terrace, Singleton, Wallsend


Extended trading hours in Retail and Business Centre outlets

In quite a contrast to previous years, Australia Post at the national level has approved extended trading hours at a large number of retail outlets and business centres across the nation leading into Christmas.

Australia Post is maintaining that outlets across NSW and the ACT were offered the opportunity to extend trading up until 7pm (Monday to Friday) and advises that offices only trading until 6pm or not extending their trading at all is due to minimum customer traffic and where staff did not wish to undertake additional hours or overtime.

If this is not the case and you believe your office has been overlooked for extended trading, please contact your CEPU official immediately.

Additional income opportunities through extended trading hours

The extended trading hours will provide a welcome opportunity for retail members to earn additional income during Australia Post’s busy peak business period.

The extended trading hours are to be offered to existing staff on overtime or additional hours for part time employees at the applicable rates of pay.

Rostering arrangements through extended trading hours

Extended trading hours are not to be staffed via changing shifts but only via additional hours and overtime arrangements on a voluntary basis only.

Additional hours and overtime is initially to be offered to staff at the applicable outlet . Only upon failing to gain adequate volunteers from within the outlet, offers are to be made to the network and beyond.

Casuals are to be utilised for the purpose of staffing extended trading hours as a last resort.

Overtime Meal allowances

Overtime meal allowances are payable at one hour overtime.

Once a member has performed one hour overtime, they are entitled to an overtime meal allowance of $14.50.

In charge allowance during extended trading hours

When an office is staffed for extended trading hours by only base grade PSOs and/or SPSO1s, an in charge allowance is payable to the employee who is “in charge”. The in charge allowance is payable at the second increment of the SPSO2 rate of pay and is equal to $29.04 per hour.

Payment for additional hours, overtime and allowances

Due to the extended trading hours, Australia Post has put in place additional resources for the purpose of additional hours and overtime to be paid on time.

This will ensure that members will have immediate access to additional hours and overtime payments to utilise over the holiday period without delay.

What offices will be subjected to extended trading hours?

Due to the large number of offices opening for extended trading this year, a separate list of offices has been compiled for members’ information which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Further information

All members are reminded to be especially aware of security arrangements at their workplace over the busy Christmas period. Any member with concerns or issues regarding security arrangements at their office are asked to contact their CEPU official.

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