2011 Christmas Arrangements: Australia Post Transport

Following state level discussions and subsequent meetings involving your local CEPU representatives, the 2011 Christmas Arrangements have now been completed.

This bulletin is produced for the information of all CEPU transport and hub members.

Christmas Public Holidays

Members who perform duty on any of the following days are to be paid public holiday rates of pay (2.5 times in total).

Monday 26 December 2011   Tuesday 27 December 2011
Christmas Day Substitute Holiday   Boxing Day Substitute Holiday
Monday 2 January 2012   Friday 30 December 2011
New Years Day Substitute Holiday   Australia Post Authorised holiday

Pay Arrangements

Pay arrangements in December will remain unchanged

Penalty Payments

Members who perform duty on any of the days outlined above are entitled to a penalty payment of Public Holiday Rates (2.5 times in total).

RDOs Falling on Public Holidays

Members are entitled to a single (1) pay rate (in addition to an RDO), if members’ RDO falls on any of the  Public Holidays outlined above.

Additional Metro Delivery Network Distribution and Country Interchange

Additional duties to undertake delivery network distribution have commenced from the weekend of 3&4 December and will continue until 24 December.

All additional duty boards have been the subject of local consultation with CEPU AURs.


Casual numbers will be finalised in local plans in accordance with agreed state guidelines. Casuals are to be utilised to face up mail to assist mail processing.

All permanent employees who have a rostered finish time while causal staff are engaged should be offered overtime/extended hours to assist with face-up and culling duties.

Supplementary clearance of Retail shops trading on 10 & 17 December

There will be 5 additional Saturday duties above the already agreed amounts due to the extension of trading hours at a number of retail offices announced by the Managing Director. These will be;

  • Alexandria
  • Rydalmere
  • Ingleburn
  • Regents Park

Weekday supplementary clearances of high volume SPBs will commence from 5th December.

Metro Interstate Interchange

All interchange arrangements, including supplementary duties, have been finalised and discussed with local AURs.

Interstate Linhaul

Normal overload arrangements will apply.

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