SURVEY: Retail Services Transformation Agreement

Attention Australia Post retail employees.

By now you would be aware of Australia Post’s plans to reshape the retail network across the country including the introduction of a number of flagship ‘super post offices’. As a result of these proposed changes, the CEPU is deeply engaged with Post in negotiating a Retail Services Transformation Agreement (RSTA).

TheRSTAis crucial to ensure that both staff will receive fair pay and conditions for the duties they undertake in retail and also that the Australia Post retail business thrives while still meeting social obligations. The negotiations will focus on topics such as:

  • Future staffing models and flexibility;
  • Retail technology;
  • Postal Managers Grade 1 – 3 remuneration and conditions;
  • Future conversion arrangements;
  • Outlet performance;
  • Retail organisation structures and classification systems;
  • Career paths in retail; and
  • Training and development.

We would like to hear from you. It is important that we know what matters to you in your employment within Post retail. By completing the survey openly and honestly, you will provide a much required snapshot of the things on retail members’ minds which will help us reach a better outcome for you.

Your personal details and workplace information will be kept separate from your completed survey.

The responses you provide will be used in statistical form only and will not identify yourself, or your workplace.

This survey has now closed. Thank you to all the retail members who responded. We will circulate the results of the survey shortly.

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