LPO Employees – Check your pay

The Australian Unions’ campaign for a wage increase for minimum wage and Award workers has again been successful this year.

The new pay setting body established by the Federal Labor Government – Fair Work Australia (FWA) has delivered its third consecutive wage increase decision since its establishment in July 2009. Under Labor’s wage setting laws, the Panel considers not only the economic criteria, like inflation and productivity, but also important issues like social inclusion, relative living standards and the needs of the low paid.

This is in stark contrast to the former Coalition Government’s WorkChoices pay setting body which saw real wage cuts of $30 to $100 per week in take home wages followed by a pay freeze in June 2009.

Below you will find the new pay rates for your classification:

Classification $ New Award rate per week $ New Hourly rate
Postal Services Officer
PSOtrainee $647.86 $17.04
PSOLevel 1 $668.95 $17.60
PSOLevel 2 $706.51 $18.59
Postal Services Manager
Postal Services Manager Level 1 $770.41 $20.27
Postal Services Manager Level 2 $826.18 $21.74
Postal Delivery Officer
PDO Trainee $647.86 $17.04
PDO Level 1 $668.95 $17.60
PDO Level 2 $706.51 $18.59
PDO Level 3 $770.41 $20.27

These rates have applied since 1 July 2012 and provide a weekly wage increase of between $18.26 and $23.28 for LPO employees.

All full time workers covered by the Postal Services Industry Award 2003 are entitled to the above new pay rates. Part time workers are entitled to a pro-rata increase  based on a 38 hour week. It applies to workers in Licensed Post Offices who are not covered by a certified agreement or a WorkChoices Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA).

The CEPU is urging all LPO employees to check their wages carefully. If you have not yet received your wage increase or have any further questions, please contact the CEPU as soon as possible on (02) 9893 7822.

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