Outstationed Drivers

Recently Australia Post management issued an SIB calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from drivers to be outstationed at yet to be determined Transport/Business Hubs to perform customer collection duties.

These drivers would still be attached to STF and although working out of hubs they would be separate to the hubs. Hubs will still remain a customer of transport and the outstationed drivers may be called upon to do larger customer collections.

Whilst the CEPU agreed to the SIB and EOI being issued to determine the level of interest amongst PTO’s who might consider performing this type of work, there has been no formal discussion or agreement on how this “outstationed group” would operate.

There are existing outstationed drivers in the network now and the CEPU does not expect any changes to their current arrangements unless and until agreement is obtained from them on an individual basis.

However we have written to Management asking for urgent State level discussions on the new positions covering such issues as;

  1. Selection process
  2. Rostering
  3. Relief arrangements
  4. Admin support
  5. Vehicle servicing
  6. Accommodation issues
  7. Communications process
  8. Reportinglines

No doubt other issues will be identified leading up to and during discussions that will need to be resolved.

Unfortunately, some in management have been putting their own spin on where and how they see this group operating despite the fact there has been no formal consultation held to date. This only creates angst and confusion amongst the drivers and these managers would be better served to keep their opinions to themselves.

Further discussions on this issue will take place and members will be kept informed through briefings and/or circulars from this office.

Should you require any further information, please contact Branch Assistant SecretaryShane Murphyor BranchOfficialsPeter Chaloner,Gil Enzon,Phil Kessey, TK Ly,Nathan Metcher,Greg RaynerorAaron Stockdaleon (02) 9893 7822.

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