ISGM 14 Day Customer Cards on Telstra’s plastic “Baghdad” network

The CEPU have been made aware that ISGM contractors have been directed by ISGM management to convert themselves into mobile call centers for Telstra, by having Telstra customers contact  them directly via a Tippit Number diverted to the contractor’s mobile telephone  following work completed on ASDL, ISDN or PSTN services.

The Contractor is then expected to make arrangements to return to the job.

Contractors should ensure the job pasts the “fast test” after completing the job or if a clear “fast Test” cannot be achieved due to faulty network and factors outside the contractor’s control,  follow the CNI process or correct process.

NO Contractor can guarantee his work for 14 days anywhere across Telstra’s plastic bag “BAHGDAD” network.

Telstra cannot guarantee the performance of their network to their customers, yet they have an expectation contractors should guarantee their work reliant on that network for 14 days.

Then situation is totally unacceptable on ISGM Contractors and the CEPU advises members that NO contractor should participate in the handing out of the 14 Day Customer Card.

Members affected by this new policy know of the increasing pressures being placed on ISGM contractors,  including continually having to take on additional responsibilities to service Telstra customers in a network that is now in a state of disrepair.

Further the CEPU is also currently investigating whether Telstra is in breach of its regulatory reporting requirements on “faults” by the use of the 14 Day customer Card. We are currently awaiting Telstra’s response to a number of questions asked by your Union prior to the consideration of other options available to cease this unfair practice.

If you are pressured in any way to perform these duties by ISGM management you should contact your Union immediately.

If you require any further information, please contact Branch Assistant Secretary Shane Murphy or Branch Official Peter O’Connell on (02) 9893 7822.

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