Telstra outage comes on back of job shedding

A large-scale Telstra outage that has shut down ATMs around the country, has come just days after Telstra announced the axing of 360 technical field employees – the very people with the skills to fix major issues like this.

CEPU NSW Branch Secretary and National President, Shane Murphy, said that Telstra announced it would be axing the 360 jobs on Thursday.

A nationwide Telstra outage has caused significant inconvenience across large parts of the country, closing eftpos and ATMs and even impacting taxi services.

“This Telstra outage has inconvenienced many thousands of people right across the country,” Mr Murphy said.

“The outage comes on the back of Telstra’s announcement that it is forcing 360 of the people skilled in resolving situations just like this out of a job.

“Telstra’s decision to axe 360 technical field employee jobs is about as short-sighted as it gets.

“These are the people that spring into action when there are issues like this one.

“Who is going to fix the system if you cut the jobs of everyone capable of doing it?

“This is another classic example of Telstra prioritising cost cutting ahead of its customers and its workforce.

“This once iconic telco is being driven into the ground, and customers and the workforce are being forced to bear the brunt of it.”

Media contact: Alana Mew, 0419 929 722

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