Recently, 348 roles were transferred in to Telstra’s InfraCo business unit – along with the establishment of a new management structure and defined asset boundaries.

During the consultation process, the Union quizzed Telstra about their motivations for the structure change, which will take the number of employees within the InfraCo business unit to approximately 2000.

Employees moving to the business unit will be minimally impacted in that, essentially, only their reporting lines are altered. Roles and responsibilities of impacted employees are not affected in the main.

Whilst Telstra has stressed they have no foreseeable plans to setup InfraCo as a subsidiary, given the major structural changes that have occurred, the Union aims to be prepared for this situation if and when it arises. A key feature of this preparation is accurately mapping your workplaces.

Accurate record keeping regarding members’ work locations and roles assists us to be ready to support and represent our InfraCo members should the need arise.

Remember, the proposed Telstra Enterprise Agreement 2019 – 21 (currently before the FWC) contains protections for employees in the event that employment is transferred to a subsidiary. Employees who transfer to the subsidiary under the 2019-21 agreement will take their entitlements in the Telstra Enterprise Agreement with them, along with a number of key entitlements that will be enshrined in contract – including a minimum 15 days sick leave, 36 ¾ hr week average and redundancy benefits.

These entitlements cannot be replaced by any new enterprise agreement that may be negotiated.

Members employed within the InfraCo business unit, please send an email to with the name of your team and your workplace’s physical address, so that a register can be established.

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