The Morrison Government has made it easier for employers to cut workers’ pay and conditions by allowing employers to give just one day’s notice before opening a vote on changes to your EBAs – bypassing the proper consultation period with you and your Union.

These changes were introduced following pressure from big business, and with the stroke of the Minister’s pen, came in to force on Friday. A copy of the Regulation can be found here:

EBAs across our postal and telecommunications industries provide important legal protections for your jobs, your pay and your hours of work. Any changes made could continue well beyond the crisis period of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no need for any employer to bypass proper negotiation and consultation about your rights at work.

We have represented you and your colleagues in necessary discussions with your employers since the gravity of this pandemic began to emerge – aimed at securing your job and your living standards into the future. These discussions must continue to give workers a real opportunity to have a say and your employers should not use this unfair Regulation change to circumvent your rights to be consulted on any proposed changes to your conditions.

If your employer does propose any variation to your EBA that is not clearly endorsed by your Union and where you have not been properly consulted before a vote takes place, it is critically important that you VOTE NO.

If you hear of a proposal to alter your pay or conditions, call your Branch Official for advice and assistance straight away. Don’t sign anything before obtaining advice.

On Tuesday night, 21 April 2020, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus will be addressing an online meeting for Union members across the country.  It will be an update on the response to Coronavirus, and will focus on the Government’s moves to make changes to EBA regulations.  At the meeting, members and activists will develop a plan to put pressure on local employers and politicians to protect our EBAs.  Register at

Your Union is here to support you. If you require any further information, advice or assistance, please contact Branch Assistant Secretary Peter Chaloner or Branch Officials Cade Anderson, Gil Enzon, Elly Huttly, Phil Kessey, TK Ly, Liam Murphy, Peter O’Connell, Dharmpal Singh or Dennis Williams on (02) 9893 7822.

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