Farewell and thank you, Gil Enzon

It is with great sadness that I inform members of Gil Enzon’s retirement. Gil officially finished up with the CEPU last Friday, 16 August.

His retirement from the workforce marks the end of a stellar career with the Union, spanning over more than two decades – along with 31 years of continuous financial membership of our Union.

Gil started his career with Australia Post in 1989 at what was then the International Mail Centre in Clyde, transferring soon after to the old St Leonards Mail Centre.

It was at St Leonards, in 1990, where Gil was elected by his peers as a local Authorised Union Representative (AUR) and in 1993 was jointly appointed by Australia Post and the Union as a Union Liaison Officer. He began full-time work with the Union as an Industrial Officer not long after, at the invitation of former Branch Assistant Secretary, the late Jalal Natour.

It was at the historic 1996 CEPU election where Gil was elected as part of the Metcher-Chalker Team as a Branch Organiser, a role he retained through successive elections right up until his retirement, last week.

Gil’s legacy will be the incredible workplace organising structures that he worked tirelessly to implement with our AURs across our centralised processing facilities. It is through that structured and organised membership and representational model that has ensured CEPU members employed in the country’s largest workplaces having a real voice at the table when it comes to the development of work processes, fair shift structures, health and safety, managing change and the maintenance of majority Union membership.

At the Branch level, Gil also led the advocacy efforts of CEPU postal industry members through contested workers’ compensation matters. At the national level, Gil has represented our Branch as a member of the Communications Divisional Executive, and as a Branch delegate to the Communications Divisional Conference.

His presence inspired young and up and coming Branch Officials in what it meant to have the privilege to represent members of our great Union – particularly through his unquestionable work ethic. Our members across mail and parcel processing will continue to enjoy the local arrangements, benefits and consultative structures, that apply nowhere else in the country outside of NSW and the ACT, and exist due to Gil’s unwavering determination to always ensure our members walked away with the very best possible outcomes.

He has been a major influence in determining the direction of our Branch – a key member of this team for a very long time, and his contributions will be sorely missed by my team and I along with, I’m sure, the many members who interacted with him daily.

Delivering such dedication to the struggles of our members comes with the significant price of sacrifice to time with one’s family. I’m sure you will share my sentiment in wishing him a long and happy retirement, where he can make up for that lost time with his wife Connie and children Dara and Carlo.

Thank you, Gil, for your unwavering dedication to always working so hard in advancing the interests of our members. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

Yours faithfully,


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