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Gil Enzon

Gil Enzon

Branch Organiser

Gil Enzon is an organiser with the NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch.

Before taking up a full-time role with the Union in 1996, Gil was employed as a mail officer with Australia Post at the then St Leonards Mail Centre.

During his employment with Australia Post, Gil played a key role with the Union, representing members as a workplace delegate and as a Union liaison officer.

Gil, drives the organising initiatives and holds policy responsibility within the Union for the administration, night shift and, along with Branch Organiser TK Ly, mail and parcel processing occupational groups within Australia Post.

Gil also takes a special interest in delegate training, education and development.

Gil is responsible for assisting members employed in the following postal industry workgroups:

  • Australia Post NSW Headquarters (with Branch Organiser Nathan Metcher)
  • Australia Post Delivery Super-centre night shift employees
  • Australia Post mail sorting operations in the Sydney metropolitan area

 Gil also plays a key role in representing CEPU members with workers’ compensation issues.

Phone: 02 9893 7822 or 0418 658 975
PO Box 250
Parramatta   2124
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