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Greg Rayner

Greg Rayner is employed as a NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch Industrial Officer in an organising capacity.

He is responsible for organising and servicing CEPU members employed in the following postal industry workgroups:   

  • Australia Post Transport
  • Australia Post WCU

Greg has recently returned to full-time employment with the CEPU following a short break from employment within the labour movement.

Greg has in the past held the full-time elected positions of Branch Organiser and Branch Assistant Secretary.

Prior to taking up full-time employment with the CEPU, Greg was employed with Australia Post Transport.

During his employment with Australia Post, Greg was very active within the Union as a local workplace delegate. He had also held the positions of Secretary and President of the Union’s Transport Council.

Many members who had worked with and had been provided with assistance by Greg in the past, particularly within Transport occupational groups of Australia Post, would be happy to learn of his return to the CEPU.

Greg’s reputation and countless achievements in his former roles at the CEPU speak for themselves.

Greg initially returned to the CEPU on a part-time basis in addition to continuing full-time employment commitments elsewhere, primarily to assist the CEPU in organising along with other CEPU officials in the various campaigns to secure new collective agreements in Australia Post, Post Logistics and Decipha.

He returned to work with the CEPU in a full-time capacity in August 2010 and drives organising initiatives in and holds policy responsibility for Australia Post Transport.

Phone: 02 9893 7822 or 0409 651 992
PO Box 250
Parramatta   2124
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