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Nathan Metcher

Nathan Metcher

Branch Organiser & Communications Officer


Nathan Metcher is a NSW Postal & Telecommunications Branch Organiser. 

He is responsible for organising and servicing CEPU members employed in the following postal industry workgroups:   

  • Australia Post NSW Headquarters (with Gil Enzon)
  • Australia Post retail outlets in Sydney’s CBD
  • Australia Post retail outlets in Sydney’s East
  • Australia Post retail outlets in Sydney’s Inner & South West
  • Australia Post and private sector postal operators on NSW’s Mid-North Coast
  • Australia Post and private sector postal operators on NSW’s Far-North Coast

Nathan joined the CEPU as a Trainee Organiser in 2006 through the ACTU’s Organising Works training program.  

He was appointed an employed industrial officer in an organising capacity in 2007. He was later appointed by the Branch Committee of Management as a Branch Organiser in 2010.   

Before joining the CEPU, Nathan was employed in the finance sector as a fraud investigative officer with one of the ‘Big 4′ banks.

During his time in the finance sector Nathan became very active within his Union as a workplace delegate and Union liaison officer. He was also active in various Union committees.   

In a very conservative workplace, he helped reinvigorate a Union presence that had been missed for some time by significantly increasing Union awareness and density. Nathan fought for and won conditions such as back-pay, allowances, penalty rates and overtime pay for colleagues who were previously unaware they were entitled to them.   

Shortly after joining the CEPU, Nathan played a key role as the Union’s Your Rights at Work campaign coordinator. In this capacity he coordinated the CEPU’s efforts on the national campaign which was successful in educating the public on the threat of the WorkChoices IR legislation which ultimately led to the demise of the former Howard Coalition Government.    

He is now responsible for the Union’s communications policy and doubles as the Union’s communications officer. 

Nathan plays a key role in the Union’s campaign planning and engagement, drives the Union’s member benefits programme and is responsible for the CEPU website, e-bulletin publications and coordinating the Union magazine.    

Along with Branch Organiser, Aaron Stockdale, Nathan drives the Union’s organising initiatives in and holds policy responsibility for Australia Post retail outlets and represents the CEPU on the Australia Post State Level Retail Consultative Forum.   

Phone: 02 9893 7822 or 0404 854 089
PO Box 250
Parramatta   2124
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