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Roll back of SBD to commence nationally

The following represents the present position on the SBD Dispute given the further talks between your CEPU representatives and Australia Post senior management on Friday, 4 November 2011. These talks focused on the information gathered from the three Working Groups covering: 1. Front Letter Carrier (FLC) 2. Safety 3. SBD/Single Bundle Delivery comparison time trials/audits. [...]

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New policy on compressed air tools following injury of post technicians

Australia Post has developed a policy on the use of compressed air for cleaning of equipment.  The new policy stems from CEPUrepresentations to Australia Post on this matter following two serious accidents in which two Post technicians were struck on the head with a compressed air gun in separate incidents. While action is definitely required to eliminate [...]

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Media Release: CEPU welcomes Senate report into Australia Post injury management practices

The CEPU today welcomed the findings of a special Senate Inquiry into the corporation’s medical practices. The Inquiry was undertaken by the Senate Environment, Communications and the Arts References Committee and its report was tabled in the Senate last night by Committee Chair Senator Mary Jo Fisher (SA). “This Senate Inquiry has made recommendations that [...]

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CEPU calls on Senate to stop FND abuse

The CEPU appeared before a special Senate Inquiry in Melbourne today, calling for an end to the way Australia Post uses company doctors.The Senate set up this Inquiry in October last year. Today’s hearing comes after the initial reporting timetable was put back a bit.  The Senate is expected to receive a report on this [...]

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Putting spotlight on Post’s sick policies

The CEPU has welcomed today’s move by Senators Steve Fielding (Family First) and Dana Wortley (ALP) to set up a special Senate inquiry to investigate concerns that Australia Post has been forcing its injured staff back to work well before they have recovered from workplace injuries. “This is a tremendous move, which will help put [...]

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ABC’s 7:30 Report: Australia Post’s return to work policy under scrutiny

ABC’s 7:30 Report recently broadcasted a special investigative report into Australia Post’s return to work policy. If you didn’t catch the report on TV, click the play button on the video below to begin watching online.

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Facility nominated doctors: a sick practice

During EBA talks, the CEPU continually called on Australia Post to drop their practice of using Facility Nominated Doctors. FND’s, paid for and controlled by Australia Post management, are used to get injured workers back on the job before they are ready.  This then allows management to manipulate Lost Time Injury figures and access large [...]

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ALP National Conference answers CEPU calls for Federal Government inquiry into cash for compo scam

Labor National Conference delegates Jim Metcher and Susan Sheather from within the CEPU have received support from Federal Labor’s supreme governing body, the ‘National ALP Conference’, and Minister Conroy for a Federal Government Inquiry into Australia Post’s treatment of its sick and injured employees. Following negotiations between the Federal Government and the CEPU the National [...]

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FND woes continue

Australia Post Management’s cash bonus grab must really be at severe risk this year A CEPU member in Sydney has been granted Compensation leave and received significant reimbursement of payments following CEPU intervention in her matter.  The member was treated by an FND and put through the FND process.  After several weeks of treatment, Post [...]

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Cash for Compo goes public: victims meet Communications minister

Victims of Australia Post’s ‘Cash for Compo’ policy that rewards executives who slash workers’ compensation entitlements, traveled to Canberra today with their Union to tell the Federal Government an urgent inquiry into Australia Post is needed. They said the campaign was needed as Australia Post executives continue pocketing bonuses for cutting workers compensation entitlements. The [...]

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