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Motorcycle Pre-Ride Safety Check time increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes

Delivery members would be aware of the long standing debate with Australia Post Senior Delivery Management over the appropriate time allocated in Post’s daily assessment systems with regards to the Pre Ride Motorcycle Safety Check. Australia Post has for a number of years only allocated 5 minutes for this mandatory safety check in the various [...]

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Media Release: Jobs must be supported as Australia Post goes digital

Australia Post must do all it can to support existing jobs and create new ones as it moves into the future with the introduction of digital mailboxes, says the CEPU - Communications Union. Today’s announcement that Australia Post will introduce digital mailboxes threatens traditional mail-handling jobs, said CEPU NSW Postal and Telecommunications Secretary Jim Metcher. However it also ensured [...]

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2011 Christmas Arrangements: Australia Post Delivery

Following state level discussions and subsequent meetings involving your local CEPU representatives, the 2011 Christmas Arrangements have now been completed. This bulletin is produced for the information of all CEPU delivery members. Christmas Public Holidays Members who perform duty on any of the following days are to be paid public holiday rates of pay (2.5 [...]

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The Union is pleased to report to all Delivery members that agreement has been reached with Australia Post for SBD across the nation to be immediately suspended indefinitely.  Further SBD talks were held with senior Australia Post officials last Wednesday 30 November 2011, involving the National Delivery Committee representatives and all State Secretaries. As a [...]

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SBD Rollback Continues

Following further discussions with Australia Post it has been agreed for ‘individual’ SBD rounds to be jointly assessed at the local level for conversion back to single bundle delivery where SBD is not the most effective methodology. In the most recent SBD Dispute Update on 11 November 2011, members were informed of the following agreed [...]

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Roll back of SBD to commence nationally

The following represents the present position on the SBD Dispute given the further talks between your CEPU representatives and Australia Post senior management on Friday, 4 November 2011. These talks focused on the information gathered from the three Working Groups covering: 1. Front Letter Carrier (FLC) 2. Safety 3. SBD/Single Bundle Delivery comparison time trials/audits. [...]

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SBD rollout remains suspended until further notice from your Union

The SBD review process and audit examination continues under work groups established with the involvement of representatives of your union at the national, state and local level. These work groups are covering SBD matters associated with; A comparison study of SBD and single bundle delivery to determine whether the reported 30 min per day cost [...]

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SBD rollout suspended for two weeks while review and talks progress between Union and Post

CEPU national office representatives along with senior Australia Post management including the Managing Director met with 21 Postal Delivery Officers from all states in the last week of September on the controversial Separate Bundle Delivery (SBD) system of work. Health and Safety concerns along with SBD being a costly inefficient work practice featured during these [...]

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Posties peforming SBD continue to be injured while others stand their ground refusing to do SBD for safety reasons

Australia Post’s claim that they have successfully rolled out SBD to over 700 rounds across the country is not true.  Information reported by members around the country have not even half that number of rounds converted to SBD.  Similarly, Post are claiming Posties are having positive experiences using SBD – well we keep searching and [...]

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I’m REALLY for safety… ZERO SBD – Campaign Update

Legal proceedings and potential legal fixes are one thing, organising is another.

It is now a requirement for all Union members to react to Australia Post and show them that we won’t settle for unsafe work practices and/or a poorer mail delivery service as result .

We are now embarking on a nationwide campaign opposing the unsafe SBD work practice involving all delivery members across the nation.

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