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Management confirms: Self Service Terminals not to be used to threaten or reduce counter positions and overall staff

Disturbing reports have been received from Retail members detailing the alleged threatening of post office staff by senior managers with the reduction in counter positions and overall staffing where maximum usage of self-service terminals (SST) is not evident for type of low-value customer transactions being processed. The allegations, which at this stage seem isolated in [...]

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Common Counter Dispute Update

Your Union wrote to you very early this year to communicate  an agreement between the CEPU and Australia Post to resolve the dispute surrounding the reintroduction of common counter arrangements in retail. The terms of the agreement reached in January is reproduced here for the benefit of members: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Permanent arrangements Trainee employees to be [...]

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Retail Common Counter Dispute Update

Your Union wrote to each retail member in NSW and the ACT late last year following a flurry of complaints from members employed in retail concerned for the job security following Australia Post’s announced return to a common counter arrangement in retail. The Union has since met with Australia Post on a number of occasions [...]

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LPO Employees – Check your pay

The Australian Unions’ campaign for a wage increase for minimum wage and Award workers has again been successful this year. The new pay setting body established by the Federal Labor Government – Fair Work Australia (FWA) has delivered its third consecutive wage increase decision since its establishment in July 2009. Under Labor’s wage setting laws, [...]

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Australia Post told to get act together with fixing payroll irregularities or face litigation

THE LEVEL OF OVERPAYMENT AND UNDERPAYMENTS ARE ALARMING – SAYS NSW UNION The issue of Australia Post payroll irregularities is at a serious level and has surfaced again across the nation. The NSW Branch of your union has recently intervened in this matter with Australia Post at the National Level and has resulted in discussions [...]

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Australia Post holding back employee locker policy rollout until further notice

Following intervention of your NSW Branch of the union with Australia Post at the National level over their employee locker policy decision – Australia Post has now confirmed ceasing the rollout of the locker policy until further notice. NSW Branch Secretary Jim Metcher has issued the following statement to Australia Post this morning: We are [...]

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‘Bombs in Lockers’: Royal Commission needed into ammo storage in Australia Post staff lockers

The CEPU is calling on Australia Post to release figures on the number of bombs and guns found in employees’ lockers – after workers were forced to sign a form promising not to bring them to work. Australia Post’s newly enforced policy requires workers to declare they are not harbouring deadly weapons in their lockers. [...]

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Unions NSW statement on Union coverage in Australia Post NSW / ACT

After long and protracted discussions, both the CEPU and the TWU have settled the demarcation dispute between both organisations resulting in Unions NSW issuing the attached statement for publication. The CEPU welcomes this sensible agreement reached with the TWU that has provided for this Australia Post Union coverage determination to be made by Unions NSW. [...]

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SBD Rollback Continues

Following further discussions with Australia Post it has been agreed for ‘individual’ SBD rounds to be jointly assessed at the local level for conversion back to single bundle delivery where SBD is not the most effective methodology. In the most recent SBD Dispute Update on 11 November 2011, members were informed of the following agreed [...]

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SBD rollout suspended for two weeks while review and talks progress between Union and Post

CEPU national office representatives along with senior Australia Post management including the Managing Director met with 21 Postal Delivery Officers from all states in the last week of September on the controversial Separate Bundle Delivery (SBD) system of work. Health and Safety concerns along with SBD being a costly inefficient work practice featured during these [...]

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