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Cash for Compo goes public, victims meet Communications Minister

Monday 16 March 2009


Victims of Australia Post's 'Cash for Compo' policy that rewards executives who slash workers' compensation entitlements, traveled to Canberra today with their Union to tell the Federal Government an urgent inquiry into Australia Post is needed.


CEPU State Secretary, Jim Metcher, with Cash for Compo victims, Mei Ching, Gail Seaton and Jimmy Ma, met with Communications Minister Stephen Conroy today, while publicly launching the Cash for Compo campaign. They said the campaign was needed as Australia Post executives continue pocketing bonuses for cutting workers compensation entitlements.


The lucrative bonuses had led to a culture where managers denied injured workers their due entitlements by any means necessary.


The Union has received a flood of reports from Australia Post employees who have been:

  • Sent back to company-paid doctors after a serious workplace injury only to be forced back to work before they were physically able, including with broken limbs;

  • Sacked after suffering a work-related injury;

  • Been denied workers compensation coverage for an injury because Australia Post won't accept evidence from the employee's own GP.

Long serving Australia Post employee Gail Seaton emotionally told her story to the media. Gail was diagnosed with Epicondylitis, a painful repetitive strain injury, by her GP. A company-paid specialist subsequently denied the condition was still active.


Australia Post used the specialist's evidence to get out of paying workers comp then forced Gail off the job as she couldn't perform full duties. She has had to use up all her sick and long service leave entitlements in the absence of workers comp.


"While reducing injury costs looks good on paper, it puts pressure on doctors who rely on big clients such as Australia Post to give false diagnosis and inappropriate treatment, compromising their professional practice," Mr Metcher said.


Mr Metcher said the Federal Government needed to crack down on companies rewarding executives who slash injury management costs.


"Rewards and pay bonuses for executives who rort workers of their entitlements and personal safety is simply not on." Mr Metcher said.


We're calling on the Federal Government to hold an inquiry into the dangerous link between executive pay and bonuses and workers' compensation costs.


"We don't think this executive behaviour is acceptable. We are confident that Australians don't find this acceptable. And we hope the Federal Government doesn't find this acceptable either."

CEPU NSW Secretary Jim Metcher with Cash for Compo victims Mei Ching, Gail Seaton and Jimmy Ma tell the Cash for Compo story to the media at Parliament House

Cash for Compo Victim Gail Seaton emotionally tells her story

Jim Metcher and Cash for Compo victims met with Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy


The CEPU is urging all members and supporters to log on to the campaign website at

The website features video testimonies of Australia Post workers who have fallen victim to executives' pay bonus grab and also presents an opportunity to send a direct message to the Minister for Communications, calling for a Federal Government inquiry into Australia Post's Cash for Compo rort.




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